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Various Bands Videos

AC/DC        Live in Donington 1992, PRO10,60MIN (German TV), Master
Aerosmith Texas Jam ´78,Cotton Bowl, Dallas, July 4th 1978, EX/PRO, official Video, 50 MIN, original
Aerosmith   New Years Eve 1985, Boston, PRO/VG, ca 95MIN, complete Show
Aerosmith MTV unplugged, PRO/10, Master
Alcatrazz Tokyo, Japan, 28. Januar 1984, Japan-TV, 80 Min. feat. Yngwie Malmsteen
Alcatrazz     Toky, Japan, 10. October 1984, Japan-TV, 78 Min, feat. Yngwie Malmsteen
Anthrax      OIDIVNIKUFESIN,  Live HammersmithNov.16,1987, EX/PRO, official Video, 75 MIN, original
Armored Saint  

 A Trip Thru Red Times, official homevideo, PRO/EX,60 MIN, original



Bizarre Festival, the 12th
21 -23 August 1998 Köln (Cologne) Butzweiler Hof (German TV), Master
Portishead 50MIN,   Tindersticks 50MIN,   PJ Harvey 45MIN,  the Bluetones 35MIN,   the Fun lovin Criminals 40MIN,  Iggy Pop 60MIN,  the Cure 55MIN, 
Black Sabbath    Montreal, Forum, Quebec, Canada, 1983.10.21 AUD/89MIN fair as a Document  feat. Ian Gillan
Black Sabbath    Los Angeles, Rockpalace, California, USA, 1984.01.10  PRO/11MIN feat. Ian Gillan
Black Sabbath    Detroit, Cobo Hall, Michigan, USA, 1986.03.22 AUD/96MIN  Live +Backstage  filmed with Vid-Cam from TV-Screen because of NTSC -> PAL Problems an ABYSS in quality to the below source,fair as a Document feat. Glenn Hughes
Black Sabbath    Detroit, Cobo Hall, Michigan, USA, 1986.03.22 AUD/96MIN  Live +Backstage,  CLEAN NTSC SOURCE AUD/VG+ very enjoyable quality feat. Glenn Hughes
Black Sabbath    Costa Mesa, Pacific Amphitheatre, California, USA, 1992.11.14  AUD/59 feat. Rob Halford
Black Sabbath    Costa Mesa, Pacific Amphitheatre, California, USA, 1992.11.15  AUD/62  feat. Rob Halford
Black Sabbath    Costa Mesa, Pacific Amphitheatre, California, USA, 1992.11.15, AUD/EX, with OZZY !!!
Black Sabbath    NEC, Birmingham, UK, 4 Dez. 1992, AUD/EX, complete. with OZZY
Black Sabbath     Rutherford, 15.06.1997, AUD/EX with OZZY incomplete 15MIN
Black Sabbath     Las Vegas, USA, 28.06.1997 with OZZY, AUD/EX, incomplete, 15 MIN, with OZZY
Black Sabbath OZZFEST, 19.06.1997, AUD/EX, with OZZY, 15MIN, incomplete
Black Sabbath  Spectrum, Oslo, Norwegen, 30.06.98
Black Sabbath  Milano ""Gods of Metal", Italy, 6.6.1998, 2 Cam.,AUD/EX-, complete
Chapman, Roger  Live im Rockpalast, Essen, 17.10.81, PRO10, 120MIN (German TV)
Clapton, Eric   From the Cradle Rehearsel, N.Y.28.09.94, PRO/10, 60 MIN (German Pay TV)
Cooper, Alice  Trashes the World, 90 MIN, (official Video)
Danizg,Glen   Bizarre Festival, Köln, Germany 23rd Aug.1998,PRO/EX+,ca. 60MIN, Master from TV
Danzig,Glen  performing Mother live at MTV-Studio, Master from TV
My Deep Purple Site
Deep Purple Doing their thing, Manchaster, UK, 21.08.70, PRO/EX+, complete Broadcast
Deep Purple Halleluja,NoNoNo,HighwayStar,Fireball, all PRO/EX+, Beat Club+Disco performances
Deep Purple  Scandinavian Nights, Copenhagen 1st March 1972, 100MIN, (official Video)
Deep Purple  California Jam, April 6th 1974, 77MIN (official Video)
Deep Purple Live in Paris 9.5.1985, PRO/10, 120MIN, (German TV) his voice sounds like shit!
Deep Purple In the Snow, Interview 1985, PRO/EX, 1st gen, German TV
Deep Purple  Last Concert in Japan (Rises over Japan), 3 Songs, PRO/EX+, 1st gen.
Deep Purple Last Concert in Japan (Rises over Japan), compl. 5 Songs, PRO/EX-
Deep Purple   Videosingles, Official, 1st.gen + Hush
Deep Purple Heavy Metal Pioneers, official, PRO/EX, 1st.gen
Deep Purple Metal Head Interview 1991, PRO/EX, 1st. gen
Deep Purple Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany, 10.10.1993, AUD/EX-
Deep Purple Come Hell Or High Water, Birmingham UK, 9th Nov.1993, (official Video)
Deep Purple Made in Sofia,28.11.1998, Bulgarian TV, PRO/EX, 2nd.gen. complete Show.
Deep Purple Around the World 1995-1999, PRO/EX 1st.gen, Merchandise Release (official Video)
Deep Purple Total Abandon, Australia 99, PRO/EX, 1st, (official Video)
Deep Purple Australia 99, A Band down under, PRO/EX, 1st gen, (official Video) (Unreleased stuff)
Deep Purple House of Blues L.A. 1/7/1998, PRO/EX-, Japanese TV broadcast (about 5th/6th gen), 60 Min
Deep Purple Live in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1998, PRO/EX, 2nd gen, 60 Min
Deep Purple Live in Moscow, 22.06.1996, PRO/EX, complete, 2nd gen, 120 Min
Deep Purple Live in Kiev, Ukraine, 15 Sept.1996, PRO/EX, 2nd gen, 73 Min
Deep Purple Live in Moscow, 21 November 1998, PRO/EX, 2nd gen, 55 Min
Deep Purple Copenhagen report 1993 w/ Ian Gillan, Live & Interview
Deep Purple Genova, Italy, 06/22/1994, 119 Min. compl. Show, AUD/8,  with Joe Satriani
Deep Purple Oslo, Norway, 15.Nov. 1993, 126 MIN,AUD/EX
Deep Purple  Munich, Germany, 14. Oct. 1993, 14 Min, German TV, EX
Deep Purple Brescia, Italy, 14 Sept. 1996, AUD/EX, 114 Min + 4 Min backstage
Deep Purple House of Blues, LA, 28 Januar 1998, 57 Min, Japan TV
Deep Purple House of Blues, LA, 28 Januar 1998, 56 Min, MTV
Deep Purple Karlshamm, Sweden, 12. Juni 1999, 110 Min, AUD/EX
Dire Straits    Live in Nimes,France, PRO/10, 120MIN, (German TV)
Dread Zeppelin 24.Nov.1990,7th WDR, Rocknacht,Phillipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany, PRO/EX, 1st.gen   complete, THIS is ABSOLUTLY AWESOME,


Expo91  Sevilla, Spain, feat. Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Brian May, Joe Walsh, Paul Rodgers, Cozy Powell, PRO10, 100MIN, (German TV)
Fear Factory Bizarre Festival, Köln, Germany 23rd Aug.1998,PRO/EX+,ca. 45MIN, complete Show, (German TV)
Free the best of free, Aug.29th´70 Isle of Wight, 20MIN, + 30 Min Live in Studio (official Video)
Gallagher,Rory    Live im Rockpalast Studio, Cologne, 6th Okt.´76, PRO10, 1550MIN, Master from TV
Gallagher,Rory  Live im Rockpalast, Maifestspiele, Wiesbaden, May 6 1979, ca 120MIN compl, PRO/10, Master from TV
Gallagher,Rory Live Loreley Festival,Rockpalast, 28.08.82, PRO10, ca. 160MIN ( incl. Jam), Master from TV
Gallagher,Rory   Live Music Hall Cologne Germany, October 16 1990, PRO10, TV, compl. ca 120MIN, Master from TV
Gallagher,Rory Live, ExtraSpät in Concert, Stuttgart, Germany, 21.08.1994, PRO10, Master from TV, 60 Min
Gallagher,Rory  TV-Report from German TV, PRO10, Interviews and Live Songs, GREAT, Master from TV, 120 Min, contains Taste footage @ BetaClub, Essen 1973 and other rare Stuff.
Gillan, Ian   Edinburgh, Gateway Theatre, Scotland, 1981.02.05 PRO/UK TV 26MIN
Gillan, Ian   Oxford, Polytechnic, England, 1981.02.23 PRO/UK TV 35MIN
Gillan, Ian   Live in Germany 1991 PRO/German TV 60/MIN
Gillan, Ian 04.09.90 Tilburg Noorderligt, Holland, AUD/VG, complete Show
Gillan, Ian  03.04.92 Gothenburg Magasinet, Sweden, AUD/VG, complete Show


Golden Earing   Paradiso, Amsterdam, early 80ties, 30/MIN,complete,PRO/EX, 1st.gen
Guns´n´Roses  6/6/92 Hippodrome Paris, France, Pro 10, complete (German Pay TV)
Heroes del Silencio SWF3Festival 1993, PRO10, 80MIN (German TV)
Iron Maiden   Live after Death, Long Beaach, March 1985, PRO/EX, original,official Video, 90 MIN
Iron Maiden   Maiden England, Nov.27/28 1988, NEC Birmingham,  original, official Video, 95MIN
Kiss  Cobo Hall, Detroit, USA, 2nd Night, 1975, PRO/EX, 60MIN.
Kiss  Anaheim, USA, 1976, PRO/VG, 60MIN
Kiss   Prag, Tschecheslowakei, December 14, 1996, AUD/EX, 120MIN. complete
Kiss Prag, Tschecheslowakei, December 15, 1996, AUD/EX, 120MIN, complete
Kiss Kiss my Ass, PRO/EX, Live 1975-1992, original, (official Video)
Kiss Kiss on MAD-TV, PRO/EX, ca 20 MIN, GREAT !


Kravitz, Lenny  MTV unplugged, Master
Metallica  Cliff´em all, 90MIN - official BootVideo GREAT !!!
Metallica    the Stone, 1982, with Dave Mustaine and Cliff Burton, AUD/VG, AWESOME
Metallica   Oakland Stadium, October 12, 1991, AUD/EX, ca 125 MIN, compl. Show
I´m always interested in Megadeth Videos
Megadeth May 20th 1988,Essen Germany, Pro10, 15MIN, (German TV)
Megadeth   Philadelphia, P.A., 1.17.1996, AUD/EX, 95 Mn, compl. Show, 1st.gen
Megadeth Sao Paulo,Brazil,9.26.1998,MTV Pro-Shot,EX/Mono,55 Min,compl broadcast
M.Schenker Group Live Acoustic Jam Frankfurt Germany,PRO10, 60MIN (German TV)
M.Schenker Group  Live in Cologne, Rockpalast Studio, PRO/7, 30MIN, Master from TV ( Tape damaged, but enjoyable)


Mission,the Live in Germany, PRO/10, 60 MIN, (German TV)
Mission,the 24.Nov.1990,7th WDR, Rocknacht,Phillipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany, PRO/EX, 1st.gen
Monster Magnet  Bizarre Festival, Köln, Germany 23rd Aug.1998,PRO/EX+,60MIN,(German TV)
Monster Magnet   Live in Germany at ViVa Studio (Overdrive), PRO/10, 60 MIN, Master from TV


Moscow Music Peace Festival  Vol.1    feat. Skid Row, Cinderella, Bon Jovi, 124MIN, (official Video)
Moscow Music Peace Festival Vol.2    feat. Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, 130MIN (official Video)
Motörhead Live in Toronto, May 1982, 55 Min, (official Video)


Mountain  Live in Paris, 9.5.1985, PRO/10, 45MIN (German TV)


Nights of the Guitar Vol.1 + Vol2  (official Video) feat. Randy California, Robby Krieger, Leslie West, Alvin Lee


Nirvana  MTV unplugged


Nugent, Ted Live in Rockpalast Studio, Cologne 1976, PRO/10, 60MIN (German TV)
Pink Floyd  Live London Earls Court 20.10.1994, PRO/10, 120 MIN (German Pay TV)
Queen    Live in Budapest, PRO10, 60MIN, (German TV)
Queen     Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, April 20th 1992, Wembley Arena London UK, PRO 10, feat. Tony Iomy, Metallica, Extreme,Def Leppard, Spinal Tap,Robert  Plant, 285 MIN, complete, ( German Pay TV)
My Rainbow-Site
Rainbow Houston, Texas, 10 July 1976, 11 Min, US TV, Live + Interviews
Rainbow  Live in München, 20.10.77, Rockpalast, PRO10, 100MIN (German TV),complete, MASTER from TV
Rainbow  Monsters of Rock, Donnington, UK, 16. August 1980, UK-TV, feat. Graham Bonnet
Rainbow Stockholm, Sweden, 2. Oktober 1995, 102 Min., AUD/EX
Rainbow  Duesseldorf, Germany, 9.Oktober 1995, PRO/EX+, 1st. gen
I´m always looking for David Lee Roth Solo and Van Halen with Dave on Video.
Roth, D.Lee Van Halen, Largo, 19. Okt. 1982, PRO/EX-, ca 120 MIN, complete
Roth, D.Lee  Toronto, Canada, April 13,  1988, AUD/EX, ca. 95 MIN, complete Show
Roth, D.Lee    Pittsburgh, PA, March 29, 1994, AUD/EX, ca. 95 MIN complete Show 
Roth, D.Lee     DAVE-TV, PRO/EX, TV-broadcast, contains Crazy from the Heat Clips, GREAT!
Roth, D.Lee    Jay Leno´s Tonight Show, Live + Interview, PRO/EX
 Saxon   Live in Dortmund, Germany, 1982, 25MIN, PRO/10 (German TV)
Sepultura  Under Siege, Live in Barcelona 31ter Mai 1991, 54MIN, (official Video), GREAT!!!
Skid Row  oh say can you  scream, 100MIN, (official Video)
Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots  MTV unplugged, Master
Sykes, John Live & Interview in Japanese-TV, PRO/VG, a few gens down, ca. 70 MIN, compl.


Therapy!   Bizarre Festival, Köln, Germany 23rd Aug.1998,PRO/EX+,ca. 45MIN, compl.Show, (German TV), Master
Thin Lizzy  Rockpalast Festival, Loreley, 29.8.1981, with Snowy Whity, PRO/VG+, ca 120MIN compl.Show,
Thin Lizzy   10th Anniversary Vibe for Philo, 4th Jan.1996, Point Depot, Dublin,  PRO/EX-, ca 120 Min,  21Guns Scott Gorhams Band, unknown Club Gig, ca 30 Min, not complete, AUD/VG


Tiamant   Live in Germany, PRO/10, 60 MIN (German TV), Master


Tito&Tarantula  Live im Rockpalast, Palladium,Cologne, PRO/EX++, ca 60Min, compl.Show, Master from TV


Travers, Pat   Live in Cologne, Rockpalast Studio, 1976, PRO10, 60MIN (German TV), Master
UFO   TV-Report from Japanese TV, contais Live-Performances and Interviews, ca 120 Min, PRO/VG
Vaughan, Stevie Ray   Live Loreley Open Air, 25.08.1984, PRO/10, 120 MIN (German TV), Master


Velvet Underground   Reunion Concert, Live in Paris, France 1993, PRO/10, Master


Voodo Cult   Live in Germany, PRO/10, 60 MIN, (German TV), Master


Warlock   Metal Racer, Live London 24.9.85, PRO/EX, original, (official Video)
Whitesnake  Donington, UK Festival, 20 August 1983, PRO/EX-
Whitesnake  Sofia, Bulgarian TV,21.11.1997, PRO/EX, 2nd gen., complete Show.
Whitesnake   Ludwigshafen, Germany, 3rd SWF3-Festival 19.03.83, PRO/EX+/BAD, 1st gen, complete     Excellent Picture but bad sound with surface noise that´s really sad
Whitesnake Tokyo 1984, w/ J. Sykes, PRO / EX, 60 MIN
Whitesnake  Rio 1985, w/ J. Sykes,  PRO / EX- , 60 MIN
Whitesnake    Buffalo, USA, 19.Feb.1990, AUD/EX, compl. feat. Steve Vai


Who, the  Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970, PRO/EX, Original, (official Video)
Who, the  Live im Rockpalast, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, March 28/29, 1981, EX/PRO, 1st.gen


Wishbone Ash Live in Cologne, Sporthalle, 1976, PRO10, 60MIN  (GermanTV), Master


Woodstock II
13.08.1994 Blind Melon, Rollins Band, the Band feat.Bob Weir, Crosby Stills + Nash, Primus,Janis Joplin + Jimmy Hendrix Woodstock ´69, Nine Inch Nails   PRO/10, 240 MIN (German Pay TV), Master
13.08.1994 Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Aerosmith   PRO/10, 240 MIN (German Pay TV), Master
13.08.1994 Aerosmith, Paul Rodgers feat. Joe Frazer, Slash and Jason Bonham G R E A T !!!, Allman Brothers, Santana, Bob Dylan   PRO/10, 240 MIN (German Pay TV), Master


Wylde, Zakk    Acoustic Jam in a Bar or Dressing-Room, AUD/EX+, very low gen. ca 50 Min, GREAT!


Young, Neil  MTV unplugged, Master
ZZ TOP 17.04.1980, Essen Grugahalle, Germany Rockpalastnacht, PRO/EX, 1st gen., complete