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Tributes /Sampler/Remakes



encomium.jpg - 4,23 K
Misty Mountain Hop 4 non Blonds
Hey Hey what can I do Hootie & the Blowfish
D´yer Mak´er Sheryl Crow
Dancing Days Stone Temple Pilots
Tangerine Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Thank You Duran Duran
Out on the Tiles Blind Melon
Good Times Bad Times Cracker
Custard Pie Helmet
Four Sticks Rollins Band
Going to California: Never the Bride
Down by the Seaside R.Plant & Tori Amos
Das einzige offizielle Teil. Mir gefallen nur die Versionen von Henry Rollins und Helmet. 
The only "official " one . I like the Rollins and Helmet Songs.


The Money or the Gun

Stairways to Heaven

stth_93.jpg - 4,17 K
22 Versionen von Stairway to Heaven. Meist unbekannte Interpreten.
Von einer Elvis Imitation bis zur Symphonie wird die ganze Palette durchgespielt.
Ich finds Scheisse.
22 Versions of Stairway to Heaven. Most unknown Groups.
Everything from an Elvis Imitation to an Orchestra Version can be found here. 
I don´t like it very much.


Whole Lotta Love

Bootleg Zeppelin

vearity.jpg - 5,80 K
Whole Lotta Love, Communication Breakdown, Black Dog, Bring it on Home, Good Times Bad Times, Living Lovin Maid, Heartbreaker, D´yer Mak´er, the Ocean, Rock´n´Roll, Lemon Song, Immigrant Song, Dazed & Confused, Rock´n´Roll Pt.2, Live Loser (?), Stairway to Heaven 
Wer zur Hölle ist John Vearity und wer ist die Band und was soll das ?
Who his John Vearity who´s the Band ? Whats the reason on this CD ?


Stairway to Heaven

stth_97.jpg - 3,47 K

Black Dog:  Lou Gramm, Zakk Wylde, Tim Pierce, James Kottak, Jeff Pilson
Com. Breakdown: S.Bach, Slash, V.Campbell,Tim Pierce, James Kottak, Jeff Pilson
Rock´n´Roll :Lita Ford, Tim Pierce, James Kottak, Jeff Pilson, Richard Baker
Stairway to Heaven: Lou Gramm, Zakk Wylde, Tim Pierce, James Kottak, Jeff Pilson, Richard Baker
Going to California:  Zakk Wylde
Heartbreaker: Lou Gramm, Tim Pierce, James Kottak, Jeff Pilson
Immigrant Song:  S.Bach, V.Campbell,Tim Pierce, James Kottak, Jeff Pilson
t.Song remains.t.same: Todashi Watanabe, Tim Pierce, James Kottak, Jeff Pilson
Whole Lotta Love: Lita Ford, Tim Pierce, James Kottak, Jeff Pilson, Richard Baker
GoodTimesBadTimes:  Zakk Wylde, Tim Pierce, James Kottak, Jeff Pilson, Richard Baker
Kashmir :  Jeff Pilson, Zakk Wylde, Tim Pierce, James Kottak, Jeff Pilson,Richard Baker


Great White

Great Zeppelin A Tribute To Led Zeppelin

gw-lzt.jpg - 8,19 K
Recorded at the Galxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana, California, USA
December 1996
Tracks : In the Light, Living Loving Maid, Ramble On, Since I´ve been Loving You, No Quarter, Tangerine, Going to California, Thank You, Dýer Maker, All my Love, Immigrant Song, When the Levee breaks, The Rover, Stairway to Heaven.
Hinweis: OK sie haben einen üblen Frevel begangen und Stairway gecovert, aber davon abgesehen ist dies absolut das beste Led Zep Tribute Album auf dem Markt. Schade das es nur zu einem horrenden Preis als Japanimport zu haben ist. Trotzdem für den Suchtsammler ein absolutes MUSS ! :-) Ja ich gebe zu ab und an schmeiss ich die CD in den Schacht *g* :-)


Jason Bonham

In The Name Of My Father

jason.jpg - 17,32 K
Tracks: In The Evening, Ramble On, The Song Remains The Same, What Is & What Should Never Be, The Ocean,  Since I´ve Been Loving You, Communication Breakdown, Ten Years Gone, The Rain Song, Whole Lotta Love
Hinweis: Sag ich nicht viel zu weil Jason sicher das Recht hat so ein Teil zu machen. Ich jedenfalls finde die Great White CD besser.  
Jasons CD hab ich ein mal gehört und das wars. Noch Fragen ?



there is nothing new under the sun

coalesce.jpg - 12,29 K
Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Black Dog, Out on the tiles
Whole Lotta Love, That´s the Way, Thank You
They call themselfes the "Definition of Hardcore" and that´s how the Tracks sound. 
As a Metal-Fan I like it this,  its now my favorite Zep Cover-CD:-)


Whole Lotta Blues

This Aint No Tribute

wwlblues.jpg - 20,97 K
Custard Pie (#1), Custard Pie (#2), Heartbreaker, I can´t quit You, When the Levee breaks (#1), When the Levee breaks (#2), Hey Hey what can I do, Rock´n´Roll, You need Love, Since I´ve been loving You, Good Times bad Times, Bring it on Home (#1), Bring it on Home (#2), Trampled Underfoot,
to me unknown Blues-Artists. I f this is not a Tribute - what is it ?
well done anyway - I like it - better than most other "Tributes"


Sansi Janiba´s Infectious Groove

Tribute To John Bonham

sansi.jpg - 15,25 K

Black Dog, Trampled Underfoot, Ramble On, Nobody´s fault but mine, Kashmir, Over the Hills and far away, Misty Mountain Hop, Custard Pie, Royal Orleans, Gallows Pole
German Amateur Rock Band - very well made
can be heard more than once :-)


The Song Remains Remixed

various Artists

Dancing Days,  Immigrant Song, Whole Lotta Love, Wanton Song, The Ocean, The Rover, Going to California, Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop, Dıer Maker, Rock´n´Roll, Nobody´s fault but mine, Whole Lotta Love, Houses of the Holy
feat. musicians from KIX, Quiet Riot, Cypress Hill, Warrant, Bullet Boys, LA Guns, Slaughter, Bang Tango
all songs remixed by people I don´t know  (except "Die Krupps")
everything has kind of Industrial/Techno Touch.


Houses Of The Holy

The Revised Versions

The Song remains the Same - Dreamversion

cover says:

The Rain Song - Romanticversion

This record is made for People wgo listened to the Music of Led Zeppelin for a long time. We don´t want to destroy the Genius of the songs.... This CD combines old material with new Inspirations. So we hope we have found a way to get your Satisfaction.

Over the Hills - Extendedversion
The Crunge - Funkversion
Dancing Days - Jingleversion
Dıer Maker - Orchestralversion

No Comment

No Quarter - Doomversion

No credits to Musicians

The Ocean - Bulletversion


KASHMIR Symphonic Led Zeppelin

Point Music # 454 145-2, 1 CD
Released 1997
The London Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted by Peter Schole
scored and arranged by Jaz Coleman
Tracks: Dawn at the Great Pyramid, Kashmir, The Battle of Evermore, Stairway to Heaven, When the Levee breaks, Going to California, Friends, All my Love, Kulu Valley (Ambient Remix)


Led Zepagain - The Galaxy


February 7, 2004, The Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA
The Band: Swan Montgomery (Lead Vocals), Steve Zukowsky (Guitar)
Jim Kersey (Percussion), Jim Wooten (Keyboard, Mandolin, Bass)
Recording: Digital Audience (DAT) + SBD MATRIX
Source: AUD: Audio Technica AT853 cardioid (XY) > AT8533 > Beyerdynamics MV-100 (48V Phantom power, +20dB) > Sony D100 @48kHz (line-in), 10' Stand approx. 50' from stage, ROC. SBD: SBD > Sony PCM-M1 @32kHz (line-in)
Transfer: Sony PCM-M1 > Oade 7 Pin > Sony CDR-W33 > EAC > CoolEditPro 1.2a > CDWav > mkwAct
Disc 1: 1. Immigrant Song, 2. Heartbreaker, 3. Houses of the Holy, 4. Over the Hills and Far Away, 5. Dancing Days, 6. No Quarter, 7. Black Country Woman, 8. Going to California, 9. Fool In The Rain, 10. In the Evening 
Disc 2: 1. The Song Remains the Same, 2. Sick Again, 3. Moby Dick, 4. Kashmir, 5. Stairway To Heaven, 6. Rock and Roll, Encore: 7. Whole Lotta Love


Zepparella - The Catalyst

June 3rd, 2005
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz
Fan-Release, 2 CD-R
Sound AUD DAT 7-8
Zepparella is a all female Led Zeppelin Tribute Band
1. We're Gonna Groove, 2. The Rover, 3. Misty Mountain Hop, 4. Communication Breakdown, 5. What Is And What Should Never Be, 6. The Lemon Song, 7. Immigrant Song, 8. Black Dog, 9. Since I've Been Loving You, 10. Whole Lotta Love>, 11. How Many More Times>, 12. Whole Lotta Love, 13. Heartbreaker, 14. Rock 'n' Roll, 15. The Ocean16. -


Bands playing Zep Songs


Artist / Album :
Cliff Barnes
Whole Lotta Love
Song played:
Whole Lotta Love
comment : grrrrr

Artist / Album :
Dream Theater
A Change of Season
Song(s) played:
Medley of:
Rover / Achilles last Stand / TSRTS
comment : GREAT !!!

Artist / Album :
Whole Lotta Love
Song(s) played:
Whole Lotta Love (2x)
comment : grrrrr

Artist / Album :
James Taylor Quartet
Whole Lotta Live
Song(s) played:
Whole Lotta Love
comment : OK

Artist / Album :
G´s Incorporated
Stairway to Heaven
Song(s) played:
Stairway to Heaven
4 different mixes
not worth a comment

Artist / Album :
Frank Zappa
Stairway to Heaven
Song(s) played:
Stairway to Heaven
comment : strange

Artist / Album :
Queen Coverin´ (bootleg)
Song(s) played:
Immigrant Song
comment : WOOOOAAHH

Artist / Album :
Romeo & Julie
King Size
Song(s) played:
Immigrant Song / The Ocean
comment: well made, great Vocals

Artist / Album :
Such A Surge 
(German crossover Band )
Was Besonderes
Song(s) played:
comment: OUTSTANDING !!


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