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Symbols / Symbole


Here on this site I´ve put together what I found on the net about the 4 Symbols - especially about the meaning of ZoSo - some is serious some is without a sense and some is really funny to read - enjoy :-)




This is from the Led Zeppelin Infrequently Murmured Trivia List!
o For information relating to Jimmy's symbol please refer to the FAQL for a detailed explanation. The most recent theory that seeks to explain it has it that it that it symbolizes a near-death or Tantric sex experience to unify the worlds of the living and the dead, and thus to reveal the secrets of the universe. A few points are worth clarifying.

- It is not a word that can be prounounced "Zoso".
- The symbol was designed by Jimmy, and the only person he has revealed its meaning to was Plant, long ago, and he has since forgotten. Nigel Eaton, hurdy gurdy player on the Page & Plant world tour was reported in _Q_ as having asked about it and been greeted with a deathly silence.

- It is also unlikely to symbolize Cerebus, the guardian hound at the gates of hell. 

- It is not a stylisied "666".

- The closest thing to an explanation from the man himself came on his November 1994 appearance on _Denton_ with Plant. At the end of their interview a member of the studio audience yelled "What's your symbol mean Jimmy?" After some confusion as to what was being yelled, understanding dawned on Plant's face and he replied "Frying tonight". Page did not elaborate further.

- It most likely has absoluely nothing to do with Curious George The Monkey, known as Zoso, a character in English children's books. 

- It doesn't have anything to do with the pyramid of Zoser in Egypt



Bravo Nr. 19 vom 3 .Mai 1972

UNGLAUBLICH !!! Bravo lüftete schon 1972 das Geheimnis der 4 Symbole !!!

Uhhhps - was bis dato niemand wusste: BRAVO ( jawoll DAS deutsche Teenie Magazin *eg* hatte das Geheimnis der 4 Symbole schon in ihrer Ausgabe Nr. 19 vom 3 Mai 1972 gelüftet !!! lest selbst *GGG*
einfach links aufs Bild klicken, 650 kb
from a german teenage magazin




The Making of ZoSo

click  here  for Extracts from the book "The Making of ZoSo" 


click pic for link to  cgpublishing.com 





 John Paul Jones  AOL Chat 11/17/97
click  here  to read chat log
J.P.J. gives also quotes about Earls Court,  Robert on boots:-), fave Zep records Covers  etc.

again the best explanation comes from Duncan Watson check it out - click on pic for link



This is from the "Magick Forum" nothing new nothing special but worth reading 

also on Tolkien online they discuss the ZoSo Symbol :-)





Swan Song Logo

William Rimmer was an abscure American painter, who did a picture around 1869 - 1870 entitled "Evening" or the "Fall of Day" which is currently in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  This picture was adopted by Led Zeppelin as the "Swan Man" logo for album covers, etc.  The picture above is taken from page 101 of book "William Rimmer A Yankee Michelangelo", essays by Jeffrey Weidman, Neil Harris and Philip Cash, University Press of New England, 1985, ISBN 0-934358-14-1

The winged man is the angel Lucifer, or Satan.  Lucifer / Satan has negative connotations for many people, particularly those raised with a Christian background.  With research, Lucifer can be understood in a different light - not as an evil character to be feared.

I have this from  Duncan Watson´s  website





the following are from a german katholic website

a big THANKS to Mark Glen for the english translation

sym1.jpg - 2,83 K

Weißmagisches Beschwörungszeichen (Hexenzeichen) zur Herrschaft über
Elementargeister. auch Drudenfuß genannt; esoterisches Symbol des Mikrokosmos.


whithe magic ritual symbol ( witchcraft symbol ) to control the elementary spirits ( also known
as druids feet; esoteric sign for the microcosmos )

sym2.jpg - 2,73 K


 auf der Spitze stehend:
Schwarzmagisches Beschwörungszeichen zur Herrschaft über satanische Kräfte;
steht für den gehörnten Schafskopf (und damit für Satan).
 standing on its axis:
black magic ritual symbol to control satanic forces, also represents the horned sheep´s head ( and thus satan ).
sym3.jpg - 2,97 K
auch Davidsstern oder Schlüssel Salomos genannt. symbolisiert in der Alchemie
das durch Vereinigung von Feuer und Wasser entstehende Chaos; Symbol des Makrokosmos.
also known as the Star of David or Solomon´s Key. In Alchemie this symbolises the chaos arising
from the union of fire with water, sign for the macrocosmos.
sym4.jpg - 3,31 K
Die Zahl 666:
Steht für das `große Tier' (vergl. Offb. Joh. 13.18) und somit für Satan. Benutzt
als Symbol für John "Bonzo" Bonham Schlagzeuger von Led Zeppelin.
the number 666:
symbolises ´The Beast´ (ref. John 13.18 ) and thus also Satan. Symbol used by John "Bonzo" Bonham drummer of the band `Led Zeppelin`.
sym5.jpg - 1,17 K
Umgedrehtes Kreuz:
Zeichen für die Macht Satans und der Ohnmacht des christlichen Gottes.
Inverted Cross
Sign for Satan´s power over the impotence of the Christian God.
sym6.jpg - 3,49 K
`Dreiköpfiger Hund':
Das Zeichen für den `dreiköpfigen Hund', den Wärter am Tor zur Hölle.
benutzt als Symbol für Jimmy Page. Gitarrist der Rock-Band `Led Zeppelin'.
three headed dog
the sign of the three headed dog, guard to the gates of hell. Symbol used by Jimmy Page,
guitarist of the band `Led Zeppelin´.
sym7.jpg - 3,11 K
Kreuz im Kreis:
Zeichen für eine sog. `Schwarze Messe'.
cross in a circle
sign of the `Black Mass´



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