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Led Zeppelin - To satisfy the Rest

something About the new official  DVD & CD

Review from Luis Rey Author of the Led Zeppelin Live an Illustrated Exploration of Underground Tapes
Review from Robert Godwin Author of several  Led Zeppelin Bootleg Guides
Review from Hugh Jones Author of Proximity Fanzine (now out of print)
Jimmy Page  Interview Billboard June 2003 - A MUST READ
Jimmy Page  Interview MTV June 2003
Jimmy Page   Interview (RealAudio)  on BBC Radio 1, June 2003
Jimmy & Robert  Interview on WMMR Radiostation (MP3)


some Photos of Jimmy at a Japanese Bootleg-Shop from June 2003 -> click on photo

more Photos of Jimmy at the Japanese Bootleg Shop March 9, 2004-> click on photo


The Great Earls Court Hoax: 

July 27, 2005,  now as PDFs

 in 1998 the Earls Court Video was offered for 10.000 US$ on ebay ->  Part 1 (PDF-File)

a few hours later at a status of 16.000 US $  the page was offline :-) ->  Part 2 (PDF-File)



Top 25 Bootleg CDs : a complete Breakdown (v2.0)  Date: 17 Jun 1999 - txt-file
Top 50 Rarest Led Zeppelin & Related Records Referenced from "The Cabala Book" - txt-file
The Led Zeppelin Fonts : Kashmir, Desdemona, Zeppelin 2, Dyer in one  - zip-file
Led Zeppelin Lyrics: all Led Zeppelin Lyrics (Book of Law) in one   - zipped word file
Led Zeppelin Tourdates: all Led Zeppelin Dates in one  - zipped word file
 Jam Article:  Page battles the bootleggers March 4, 2000  - txt-file
>>Keep it Hard, Keep it Heavy<<  Zu einigen Aspekten soziokorporeller Kommunikationsmuster  im Prozeß der Geschlechtersozialisation *hehe* das hat zwar nichts direkt mit Led Zeppelin zu tun  ist aber schon sensationell gut - unbedingt lesen :-) 
The LZ IFMTL Check it out! Led Zeppelin Infrequently Murmured Trivia List! A must read - link
Zep Newsgroup FAQ: this is a guide to the newsgroup - link
Zep on RIAA: Led Zeppelin No. 1 Rockgroup *hmmm* check yourself - link
Bonzo:  if you want to play Bonzo´s Drums go there :-)  - link
Fame:  Stairway to Heaven No. 1 Rocksong at the R´n´R Hall of Fame  - link

Interview Perth Feb.16, 1972:  lovingly transcribed by Jeff Barlow  - txt-file
Zep Mailing-List FAQ:  DIGITAL GRAFFITI The Led Zeppelin Mailing List presents THE LED ZEPPELIN FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS LIST v7.2 2-1-93


Jimmy Page on Groupie Central: 
Lori Maddox (ex-girlfriend of Jimmy Page)

Bron-Y-Aur Cottage: 
stolen from  ( translated with babelfish english/German )

 from or about Led Zeppelin from the book "Modern Icons" 
(Zitate von oder über Led Zeppelin )

Hammerwood Park, UK - link

Formerly owned by Zep

Click here for the history of the owners of the house.


a plant vs. Robert Plant - link

Knebworth House: 
the official website  - link

Holy Grails:  

at Proximity - a must read -link

Boleskine House
2 links
Photographs of Boleskine House
Trip To Boleskine






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