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from the book "Modern Icons"



  • Robert Plant came down the Roxy surrounded by Millions of bodyguards. I just looked at him, and heīs like a real ignorant old Northener, and I fekt really sorry for him. Now how can you respect someone like that.
  • Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) 1977
  • Those accusations that were levelled at Zeppelin at the end, during punk, those accusations of remoteness, of playing blind, of having no idea about people or circumstances or reality - there was a lot of substance in what being said. It hurt at the time, but Iīd have to plead guilty
  • Robert Plant Q magazine 1988
  • Led Zeppelin? I donīt need to hear the music - all I have to do is look at one of their album covers and I feel like throwing up
  • Paul Simon, The Clash


about "The Song remains the same"

  • Itīs not a great film ... just a reasonably honest statement of where we were at that particulare time

  • Jimmy Page

  • The most expensive home movie ever made
  • Peter Grant


  • We were in the Midwest and I said something to the hotel clerk about the fact that it must be tough to have all the rock groups in there throwing furniture and TVīs out the windows, and he said that they had something worse once... and that was the young methodists convention
  • Peter Grant
  • Down there theyīve got the richest groupies in the world. Some of the groupies followed our jet in their own jet
  • Jimmy Page on Texas
  • Spinal Tap and The Bad New Things, they're classic. They really sum up the nightmare aspects of it, everyone can relate to it. Curiously enough thereīs a bit in Spinal Tap where they canīt find the stage and it was very similar to when we were at Madison Square Garden...
  • Jimmy Page, Q magazine, 1988
  • He was a huge Celt in those days! I must admit it didnīt make much of an impression on Bonzo and I at the time
  • J.Paul Jones on Robert Plant, Mojo, 1994
  • You canīt find anything if you play that Song backwards. I know, because Iīve tried. Thereīs nothing there. We never made a pact with the Devil. The only deal I think we ever made was with some of the girls High Shools in San Fernando Valley
  • Robert Plant on Stairway to Heaven, Q magazine, 1988


on John Bonham

  • Robert suggested I go and check out his friend John Bonham. When I saw what a trasher Bonzo was, I knew heīd be incredible... He was into exactly the same sort of stuff as I was.
  • Jimmy Page, Zigzag, 1972
  • We alway wanted the drums to sound like real drums, but that hall made them sound like super cannons.
  • Jimmy Page on recording Bonzoīs drums in the hallway at Headley Grange mansion, Hampshire
  • That drummer of yours has a right foot like a pair of castanets.
  • Jimi Hendrix to Robert Plant
  • our drummer is amzingly loud
  • Jimmy Page, Melody Maker, 1969
  • There was a period after he died where I just didnīt touch a guitar for ages
  • Jimmy Page
  • I did nothing for as long as was respectful to Bonzo, really, Because we were best mates. Rather than take take the whole Zeppelin thing and try and do it myself, I rejected the whole thing. So I cut my hair off and I never played or listened to a Zeppelin record for two years
  • Robert Plant, 1988
  • Sometimes at night, when the moon is high, a mighty thunder is heard in the hills. Donīt be alarmed, the wise ones say, itīs only Bonzo, doing a soundcheck in heaven.
  • Paul Du Noyer, Q magazine, 1997