from www.metallica.com Sept. 2003

Metallica dressing up like Led Zeppelin? That will be the day...and it was too...
The photo shoot was held on July 8th at the Hit Factory in New York City for Esquire Magazine and their special 70th anniversary issue. The idea behind the shoot was to have current artists portray certain music icons. Metallica was asked to portray the legendary Led Zeppelin, and they were all up for it..until the day of the shoot of course.
A few times during the take, Lars bursted out "who ok'd this fucking idea?", with a big grin on his face. To get in to the vibe they played the classic "Whole Lotta Love" over and over again. The guys must have watched a few Led Zeppelin videos because they all had their moves locked in pretty good.
To make sure things were authentic, tour manager Rex oversaw the clothes and their performance. Rex has worked with Led Zeppelin since the early early days. "Wow, I have not had this long of hair in 10 years, it feels great", said James with a smile while wearing his Robert Plant wig. This was definitely one of the most unique and fun photo sessions the band has done in a long time.
Don't forget to pick up this special 70th anniversary issue of Esquire magazine, should hit the newsstands this week!