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1969 - Warm Up for the 4th US Tour


Paris, L'Olympia

Date: 10. Oktober 1969, Warm Up for the 4th USA Tour
Venue: L'Olympia, Paris, France
Label: Fan-Realease
Sound: Mono FM-Broadcast 10
Recorded for the show "Musicorama", on french station Europe 1
First broadcast : 1969.11.02
Second Broadcast (not complete) : 2007.11.7
Tracks:  1) Communication Breakdown, 2) I Can't Quit You Baby, 3) Heartbreaker, 4) Dazed And Confused, 5) White Summer/Black Mountain Side, 6) You Shook Me, 7) How Many More Times
Moby Dick was played but not broadcasted.
Lineage 1 (PCM source): FM --> MZ RH10 (PCM mode) --> Trader's Little Helper --> Flac 7
Lineage 2 (digital source): Europe2 (Paris)  Digital FM (192 kbps) > SB live > Adobe audition (acquisition & edition) > Wav > Tradder's Little Helper (level 6/SB aligned) > Flac files
Lineage 3 (digital source DJ removed & clicks fixed):
Note: The digital FM versions (#1 & #3) have a very slight stereo image whereas the FM tuner version (#2) is a pure mono signal.

All 3 versions had the following "problems" (IMO):
- French DJ talking during songs & also between songs.
- Lots of ticks & clicks
- Mains hum audible during quiet sections
- some noticeable edits & repeats
- No dynamics in volume

I have attempted to fix all these problems by:
- editing out the DJ (all except after D&C which was the only one that was harmless IMO)
- de-clicking (hopefully all of them ... but you never know!!) 
- filtering out the 50Hz hum
- editing to make all breaks & transistions seemless
- adding some volume changes to try & help improve the dynamics (hopefully tastefully done??!!)

Other tweaks performed: 
- centre the stereo image (by +0.4db on right channel)
- boost overall volume by +1dB
- add fade-in & -out
- add 1 sec silence for lead-in & lead-out
- slight adjustment of track positions


Ballroom Blitz*

ballroom.jpg - 4,41 K

Date: 12. Oktober 1969, Warm Up for the 4th USA Tour
Venue: Lyceum Ballroom, London, UK
Label: World Productions: WPOCM 0989D034-2V
Sound: M -Aud 5 / 6
seems to be from a LP source
Tracks:  Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown, I can´t quit you, Heartbreaker, You shook me, What is & what should never be, Dazed & Confused, How many more times
Hinweis : CD ist ein von der Bootleg LP aber dafür sehr gute Qualität
Konzert :  Neu ist jetzt das "Communication Breakdown" jetzt das Konzert einleitet als Übergang hierzu dienen die ersten Riffs von "Good Times bad Times". Auch werden hier zum erstenmal "Heartbreaker" und "what is and what should never be" von der 2ten Platte gespielt. Sehr kraftvolles Konzert vor allem von Mr. Page der hier doch klar den Ton angibt.  Sehr empfehlenswert schon wegen der 2 Songs von Led Zeppelin II


Lyceum Ballroom

Date: 12. Oktober 1969, Warm Up for the 4th USA Tour
Venue: Lyceum Ballroom, London, UK
Label: Fan Release, DVD-A
Lineage: Master > 48kHz DAT > Audio DVD
Mastered by Jason Peterson
Tracks:  1. Communication Breakdown, 2. I Can't Quit You, 3. Heartbreaker, 4. You Shook Me, 5. What Is and What Should Never Be, 6. Dazed and Confused, 7. How Many More Times
Notes: The lineage is in question, but is definitely a low generation. Other circulating copies and bootleg releases show significant and very clever tinkering. Some examples are the removal of an audience member commenting "Good Times, Bad Times" during its use as a lead-in, and a fake ending added to How Many More Times. You can have a good read about what I and others discovered here:



Triumphant UK Return

Date: 12. Oktober 1969, Warm Up for the 4th USA Tour
Venue: Lyceum Ballroom, London, UK
Label: Empress Valley # EVSD 229, 1 CD
Sound: Aud 6 / 7
this release was very bad rated by the bootleg community
anyway its far better than the above release
"Lyceum Preview" on Immigrant-Label should be better - but I don´t know
Tracks: Good Times Bad Times - Communication Breakdown / I Can't Quit You / Heartbreaker / You Shook Me / What Is And What Should Never Be / Dazed And Confused / How Many More Times


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